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Readster is the easy to use, cost-effective employee benefit that actively supports personal, family and professional development and well-being. If your organisation is interested in finding out more then:

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CSR Advantages through Readsters

For every 1000 users we donate at least 2000 books to charity each year

Because Readsters is following a circular economy model, for every 2000 users we also save 68.8 tonnes of CO2 per year

“Good things happen when we integrate sustainability into our products, services and solutions. We improve our competitiveness and create and capture customer value. We save money, reduce our environmental impact and improve employee satisfaction. And by partnering with others, we can help ensure sound policies that promote sustainable development and innovation.” – Jim Owens – Caterpillar CEO

The role corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays in engaging external audiences is well documented, and recent studies show that 87% of UK consumers expect companies to consider their impact on society as much as their own business interests, while more than 70% of people make a point out of buying from companies with views similar to their own.

Through efficient, innovative and responsible use and sharing of resources, Readsters aligns with most of the 17 UN Sustainability Goals and by extension our customers also benefit and contribute towards creating a positive impact on our society.

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